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Bridge to Independence Day Program uses a person-centered approach to design and carry out individual service plans.  These plans are created through a collaborative process between the participant and their support team to regain, maintain, and learn new skills and strategies for the job of living.  Each participant’s Individualized Service Plan (ISP) is designed to reinforce rehabilitation therapies and enhance vocational, cognitive, social, and functional daily living skills.

As part of the Program participants are offered choices on a daily basis with a focus on personal measurable goal setting in the areas of: Wellness, Independent Living, Vocational Skills and Social Support.

Another key to the success of our program is our use of Peer Mentoring, in which participants receive acceptance and understanding from both peers and staff—consistently leading to personal progress. Bridge to Independence is a place where members can be empowered, motivated, and encouraged as they continue healing.

Our program also offers but is not limited to:

  • Integrated community-based field trips
  • Vocational skills development
  • Job exploration
  • Independent living skills
  • Medication management
  • Cognitive computer skills
  • Therapy exercise program follow through
  • Technical skills lab tutoring

Other Services Offered:

  • Group interactive process
  • Art & music activities
  • Social skills training
  • Physical exercise program
  • Gardening opportunities
  • Animal husbandry

Day Program participants performing at the BIAOR Conference.

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BTI staff became aware of one participant’s risky social behavior and had been working with them to encourage safer choices. The participant’s unsafe choices ultimately led to them being evicted…

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Participant Story

One participant came to BTI bored and depressed about life. After their brain injury they had lost their friends, felt isolated, and their current socially unacceptable behavior had made them…

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Another participant came to BTI with a history of inappropriate sexual advances that had isolated them and kept vocational opportunities out of reach. BTI staff worked with this participant on…

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A participant with a history of substance abuse joined the day program. BTI staff developed with them goals that they wanted to achieve but active drug seeking was preventing them…

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Becoming easily irritated and then getting angry was interfering with another participant’s ability to be around people. Staff worked with the participant on strategies to use to take care of…

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