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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bridge to Independence Day Program?

Bridge to Independence Day Program (BTI) is a community day program serving the Metro Portland, Oregon area for adults with acquired brain injury or cognitive impairment. The program provides support and stimulation for the individual as they develop employment and other community skills to live life with a greater level of independent functioning.  BTI is state certified adult day program.

 What are the hours of operation?

The program is open Monday through Thursday from 9:00 a.m.–2:00 p.m.

 Where is it located?

Program facilities are located in a peaceful country setting in rural Washington County.

How is the program staffed?

Our program has a director who is assisted by two program assistants.  Also giving support is a certified Brain Injury Specialist.

How does the program work?

Our staff uses a client-centered approach to design and carry out each participant’s individual service plan.  These plans are created through a collaborative process between the person and their support team to regain, maintain, and learn new skills and strategies for the job of living.  Each participant’s individualized service plan is designed to reinforce rehabilitation therapies and enhance vocational, cognitive, social and functional daily living skills.

What can I learn at Bridge to Independence Day Program?

Participants are offered choices on a daily basis with a focus on personal measurable goal setting in the areas of:

  • Wellness
  • Independent living
  • Vocational Skills
  • Social Support

Our program also offers but is not limited to:

Integrated community-based field trips

Individualized one-on-one training in areas such as:

  • Vocational skills development
  • Job exploration
  • Independent living skills
  • Medication management
  • Cognitive computer skills
  • Therapy exercise program follow through
  • Technical skills lab tutoring

Would Bridge to Independence Day Program be a good fit for me?

The day program is appropriate for any person who has experienced an acquired brain injury or cognitive impairment and has a desire to be a part of a supportive community. BTI will complete a suitability assessment to determine the appropriateness of the program for each applicant.

Criteria for Admission:

  • Have acquired brain injury or cognitive impairment
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have interest in participating in Bridge to Independence Day Program and a desire to learn, grow and be part of a community
  • Be independent with toileting
  • Be compliant with medications and other doctor’s orders
  • Not be a safety risk to self or others

 How long can I attend?

The day program welcomes its participants to continue the program for any duration. Participants will be discharged on an individual basis, in response to the participant’s choice or change in circumstance.

 What forms of funding are accepted?

Funding sources can be from private pay, workers compensation, health insurance or state funding.  The day program is qualified for funding by Oregon Department of Human Services adult day services.

What steps do I need to take if I am interested in attending Bridge to Independence Day Program?

  • Meet the criteria for admission.
  • Schedule a BTI visit with guardian, case worker, or support person (may be combined with a suitability assessment with approval of program director).
  • If suitable, receive application form and admissions packet.
  • Begin attending Bridge to Independence Day Program when admission packet is completed and submitted to BTI.
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